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DanChurchAid assists the world’s poorest to lead a life in dignity. Aid is given regardless of race, creed, political or religious affiliation. DanChurchAid work is based on a Christian view of humanity with respect for every individual’s rights and equal worth.

DanChurchAid is rooted in the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church, but is active wherever we find the need is highest, regardless of religion, gender, political beliefs, race, national or ethnic origins, handicaps or sexual orientation. The objective of Dan Church Aid South Asia Regional Office in India is to help the poorest of the poor and ensure their life with dignity. We primarily work with relief and development aid to address the need of the most marginalized people.

Development Orientation:
Dan Church Aid has a regional office in Delhi for its work in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. DanChurchAid focus on four thematic areas with mandate of:

  • Disaster risk Reduction and Humanitarian response (Building community resilience for preparedness and response to disasters)
  • Food Security (Ensure food security and sovereignty of most vulnerable and marginalized community)
  • Access to Socio-economic justice (Marginalized people enjoy equity and equality in a just society)
  • Safe migration (Ensure access to alternative livelihood for affected migrants)
Dan Church Aid works with local NGO partners and civil society organizations for implementation of humanitarian and development programmes in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

DanChurch Aid is a International non-profit organization working with Community, Disaster Victims, Farmer.

Focus Area : Food and Agriculture, Inclusion, Poverty , Relief and Rehabilitation, Women Empowerment.

Contact Address: DanChurchAid Nørregade 15 1165 Copenhagen K Denmark
Email: mail@dca.dk
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