The International Foundation for Science

IFS was founded as a Research Council and registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Sweden in 1972. IFS receives funding from a portfolio of donors and funders including development organisations and science academies. The annual budget is approximately USD 5 million. IFS has 135 Affiliated Organisations in 86 countries, mainly in the developing world.

It works to build the scientific capacity of developing countries in sciences related to the sustainable management of biological and water.

Development Orientation:
IFS shall contribute towards strengthening the capacity of developing countries to conduct relevant and high quality research on the sustainable management of biological and water resources. This will involve the study of physical, chemical, and biological processes, as well as relevant social and economic aspects, important in the conservation, production, and renewable utilisation of the natural resources base.

The International Foundation for Science is a International non-profit organization working with Community, Development Proffesional.

Focus Area : Climate Change, Water.

Contact Address: International Foundation for Science (IFS) Karlavägen 108, 5th floor SE-115 26 Stockholm Sweden.
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