The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation supports work that expands opportunity and strengthens resilience to social, economic, health and environmental challenges—affirming its pioneering philanthropic mission since 1913 to promote the well-being of humanity.

The Foundation operates both within the United States and around the world. The Foundation's efforts are overseen by an independent Board of Trustees and managed by its president through a leadership team drawn from scholarly, scientific, and professional disciplines.

Development Orientation:
The four key focus area of Rockefeller Foundation’ are Revalue Ecosystems; Advance Health; Secure Livelihoods; and Transform Cities.

The Rockefeller Foundation is a International non-profit organization working with Community.

Focus Area : Climate Change, Health, Infrastructure Development, Poverty , Rural Development.

Contact Address: The Rockefeller Foundation 420 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10018
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