Funding Agency Any organisation extending their financial resources for development and related cause. This may include government, international development agency, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative of company house, Inter-organisation entity and Foundation.
Funding Opportunity It includes call for Grant, Request for Proposal, Tender, Request for Quotation.
RFP Request for Proposal (RFP) is asked when the work/ problem is known and vender is asked to how to address it. This is the most formal  processes and has strict procurement rules for content, timeline and vendor responses. Methodology, timeline, costing, capability statement are integral part of RFP.
RFQ Request for Quote (RFQ) is asked when the need and solution is clearly known in details but need information on how vendors would meet your requirements and/or how much it will cost.
EoI Expression of Interest (EOI) is used to shortlist potential suppliers before then seeking detailed bids from the shortlisted tenderers. An EOI is generally used when the information required from tenderers is specific but the agency is unsure of the capability of suppliers to provide the required goods and services.
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